Bundesliga Diaries Briefing: April ’23

For this week’s episode we had to replace our host Jon as the recent father had other duties. Fortunately, we had a substitute lined up in Alex from Spodcast Freiburg, which came in handy considering the Breisgau-Brasilianer recently eliminated Bayern in the DFB Pokal.

We did talk a good bit about Bayern, since they did their best since the end of March to remind us just why they are known as FC Hollywood. They sacked manager Julian Nagelsmann after a defeat in Leverkusen and a short skiing trip to the Alps and replaced him with Thomas Tuchel, who started with a dominant win against Dortmund but started to struggle immediately afterward.

Of course, we also talked about the other sacked managers in the division, as well as looking at the lates Pokal and European results. Lastly, we followed up on the plans of the DFL to get an investor and how the fans reacted.

As always, a very special thanks to our friends ‘Phre The Eon’ for the theme music. Anyone interested can find them on Facebook.