MD11 – What a Klassiker, what a season!

7 points and 3 teams now separate Dortmund and Bayern. Gladbach, Leipzig and Frankfurt claim impressive wins while Hertha and Bremen keep on struggling. The bottom three teams all manage to win. Alongside the standard matchday discussion, we talk about the 2. Bundesliga, which is as competitive as ever.

MD10 – Dortmund win to go four clear before Der Klassiker!

The title race is still on! A big win for Dortmund in Wolfsburg and only a draw for Bayern at home to Freiburg means that four points now separate the two at the top, with Der Klassiker up next. Elsewhere, Gladbach, Frankfurt and Leipzig all dominate, the Leverkusen rollercoaster continues, this time against Hoffenheim, and Schalke big up a big three points. Things aren’t getting better for Stuttgart, as they remain dead last. Alongside the analysis of all the weekend’s games, we also discuss the DFB Pokal following the midweek second round fixtures.

MD9 – Leverkusen sparkle, Dortmund stutter

Another entertaining weekend in the Bundesliga, but what’s new there?!? A strong showing from Leverkusen sees them put 6 past Werder Bremen, while Dortmund concede a last minute penalty against Hertha to drop two points. Bayern, Hoffenheim and Freiburg all earn wins as Schalke draw 0-0 with Leipzig.

MD8 – A win for Bayern, but a loss for the board?

It’s hard to keep your eyes off the Bundesliga right now. Frankfurt beat Düsseldorf 7:1 and both Borussias Dortmund and Mönchengladbach win 4:0 in dominant style. This week’s focus fell especially on Bayern, who finally win again. We debate whether their press conference, held on Friday, contributed to that victory, and we also discuss the background behind the event.

MD7 – Borussias fly high – Have Dortmund and Mönchengladbach opened up a title race?

The Bundesliga is looking unexpectedly interesting. Bayern lose for the 2nd time in a row and Dortmund manage to net a last-minute winner. Leipzig, Gladbach, Bremen and Hertha all bag points to surpass Bayern in the table. At the end of the standings, Schalke leave the relegation spots with their second successive win, while Hannover beat Stuttgart in a vital game to get their first 3 points of the season. Apart from discussing the matchday, we also talk about East German football. Germany recently celebrated the 28th anniversary of the country’s reunification and two former GDR-champions, Magdeburg and Dresden, clashed for the first time in the 2. Bundesliga.

MD6 – Favre’s goal factory climbs to top spot

Dortmund heavily benefit from a Bayern loss in Berlin and turn around a two goal deficit into a 4:2 win at Leverkusen to climb to first place. Schalke finally manage to win to leave the last spot. Nuremberg come back after the 7:0 defeat in Dortmund and win 3:0 against Fortuna Düsseldorf at home in a so-called 6-pointer. Augsburg and Frankfurt claim solid 4:1 wins at home on Sunday against Freiburg and Hannover respectively, who are the league’s “lanterne rouge”. Apart from discussing all this action in detail, we debate UEFA’s recent decision to let Germany host the 2024 Euros, as well as the on-going fan protests in Germany, with bid itself part of the criticisms.

MD5 – Seven not out for BVB in “Englische Woche”

WHAT. A. RESULT!!! On the same day 32 years, BVB won 7:0 at home… and they did so again on Wednesday to move to 2nd place in the table. In 1986, Blau-Weiß Berlin took the beating. This time around, 1. FC Nürnberg suffered the ignominy. They replace Hertha, who were beaten 3:1 by Bremen, with the latter lying behind Dortmund on goal difference. Now, both teams are only 2 points behind Bayern, who drew against Augsburg. All of the bottom three lost, with Schalke still on zero points.

MD4 – Bayern on track, Schalke still wack?!

After four games the table starts to take shape. As expected, Bayern first but surprisingly, Schalke still last. Dortmund can’t beat Hoffenheim, so Hertha jump up to 2nd place. Werder beat Augsburg to reach 4th, while Freiburg and Leverkusen claim their first wins. Apart from all that we touch upon VAR, 50+1 and some fan stories.

MD3 – Goals Galore!

For the first time since the 12th matchday of the 2011/12, every single team managed to score at least one goal. We discuss this unusual occurrence and have a closer look at VfL Wolfsburg. They finished in 16th last year, but are still unbeaten this time around. Can the club’s history explain this sudden swing in form?