Fußball explained: German Football Culture

There may be no Bundesliga action for you this week, but that doesn’t stop the Bundesliga Diaries! We took advantage of the international break to talk about German fan culture and just how important it is to the league.

It is an interesting topic to explore, and that is exactly what we did in this week’s episode. We take you through the matchday experience, and just how good it is in the German leagues compared to other divisions. We then look at the German Ultra scene, which is one of the most revered in the whole of Europe. It goes without saying that the fans really do sell the Bundesliga, and they are one of the main parts of what makes it so attractive.

It is not all fun and games though. In recent weeks and months, there have been clashes between supporters and police, and this, among other things, has lead to several protests in stadiums directed at the football authorities. We discuss these disturbances, and look at what the future holds for fans in Germany.

As always, a very special thanks to our friends ‘Phre The Eon’ for the theme music. Anyone interested can find them on Facebook.