Fußball explained: The Winterpause

Christmas is over and New Year’s Eve has been and gone. Most of you will be back at work already, or at the latest within the next one or two days. For the Bundesliga’s stars, however, the holiday period is still in full swing.

One of the many peculiarities of German football is the Winterpause. Most of the leagues in central and western Europe endure some kind of break, but few are as long as the Bundesliga’s. This year, the top division in Germany halts proceedings from 23rd December to 18th January (the 2.Bundesliga has an extra 11 days off). And this is shorter than most years in recent memory!

We decided to delve deeper into the Winterpause and have a look at the reasons behind it. We also discuss the impact it has on players, fans and staff, as well as what the teams will be doing during the lay-off. It is impossible to talk about winter breaks without mentioning the Premier League, so of course we look at the difference between the two.

With a couple more football-free weeks to come in January, we will have some more episodes for you to get your teeth in to, so stay tuned!

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